Online Music School

Round Out Your Homeschool Curriculum with Our Online Music School

Are the kids taking their lessons at home and are missing many of their after school activities like band and music lessons? Musaro is an online music school that pairs your student with an experienced coach or tutor that specializes in the instrument of their choice. With an affordable pricing schedule, flexible lesson times, and multiple teachers, it is possible to match your child up with somebody ready to inspire them to work on improving their music skills.

Help Them Find the Instrument that Inspires at Our Convenient Music School

Scroll through our music school website with your child and select an instrument that really gets them excited. We offer lessons on brass, keyboards, drum, violin, guitar, trumpet, or even saxophone. Lessons run in 30 minute sessions, just long enough to work on a new skill or song without wearing out your child's attention. If they are preparing for an advanced placement, audition, or performance, you can reserve a double session for some serious practice and pointers.

Tutoring Kids, Teens, and Creative Minds of All Ages

Our music school is targeted at more than the child participating in the school band. We are here to connect and support anybody who wants to learn how to play a new instrument or begin the process of discovering the language of music. Do you play piano, but want to add guitar to your list of achievements? We offer instruction for players of all ages and skill levels. You only need a quiet room, your laptop or tablet with a webcam, your credit card, and 30 minutes of your time to get started.

To get started, download the Musaro app, sign up, reserve a class time, and process payment using your credit card or PayPal. It's that easy!