Music Tutors

Online Music Tutors Make it Easier to Continue to Improve Your Skills

Are you struggling to get your G chord to sound right on the guitar? What are you doing wrong? You need more than an instruction video to master the fine art of music. At Musaro, we are fully staffed with music tutors that provide face to face instruction via the internet, so you can continue down your path to making great music. Your lesson will last 30 minutes and you will receive one-on-one instruction including how to hold the instrument, where to place your fingers, and even how to tune the instrument. When you hear a significant difference after one lesson, you will be signing up for another one next week!

Select from Our Extensive Staff of Music Tutors

What instrument have you always wanted to play? Our online music tutors have backgrounds in guitar, keyboard, strings, brass, saxophone, drums, and more! Scroll through our Find a Coach page and select an instructor that has the experience and availability that fits into your busy schedule. If you are not clicking with the first coach, you can always switch to a different person for your next lesson. Best of all, you will save some serious cash!

Personalized Lessons that Move at Your Pace

Our online music school is accepting students at all levels from first day beginners to lifetime performers that want to pick up a new instrument. You can learn to read music or play by ear. Explore different music styles and stretch your abilities. You only need a quiet room, a good internet connection, a webcam and mic, and a commitment to expanding your knowledge and abilities. Musaro accepts PayPal or credit cards and makes every step to sign up quick and easy.